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About PSG Postage Stamps Galore

Based in Bristol, PSG Postage Stamps Galore provides fantastic stamps across the UK. Our stamp collection is extensive, and we have items from across the world. Built up for more than 50 years, this collection is now available to philately enthusiasts. You may be looking to complete a collection, start a new hobby, or have other reasons, and we’re here to support your endeavours. At PSG Postage Stamps Galore, we care about you and want to offer you the very best. Contact us today for a great service.

Our Background

Our stamp collection was started by our owner’s father. More recently, we have added to this collection with stamps collected online, expanding our great selection of items. As it stands, most countries are represented in our collection, with stamps that are in great condition for their age.

Our Stamps

Most of our stamps date from 1955 to 1980, and they’re all in fine condition. These are used stamps and, as such, are post-marked. There are many countries included in the collection, and this means that there’s something for everyone.

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We are proud to make our extensive stamp collection available to philately enthusiasts in the UK and around the world.

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